How to keep your dog occupied when you’re at work

Keep your dog busy when you’re not home… here’s a few ideas:
  • Leave some toys out
  • Fill the center of a medium marrow bone with peanut butter
  • Hide some of their favorite treats here and there
  • Leave an audio source on (radio or tv on)
  • If you’ll be away for more than a couple of hours, hire a dog walker
  • Leave lots of fresh water
  • On really hot days, leave the a/c on
  • Leave a curtain open so as the dog can see what’s happening, you may not want to do this if you live on a busy street…. You don’t need a barking dog while you’re out
  • Buy a brand new toy for your dog and put it out before you go
  • Buy some dog puzzles and use different ones each time you leave
  • A tired dog is good, exercise your dog before you leave

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